OK, let’s face it: No one can fire off arrows that kill legions of robots with the speed and precision of the Avenger Hawkeye — but we can certainly develop our own mad skills and have a lot of fun with archery.

Cripple Creek Parks and Recreation offers an array of archery lessons, events and tournaments for all skill levels — and at super affordable rates. You can rent equipment or use your own. The rec center is home base for the TyTans — also known as the Teller Youth Team Archery Club. The club is for youth ages 8-17 and meets 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturdays. You can attend three times to see how you like archery before paying a $20 club membership fee — which includes a cool t-shirt.

When they’re hanging out with their friends on Saturday mornings for archery education, shooting practice and coaching, the TyTans are also in training for indoor and outdoor tournaments and 3-D shoots held around Colorado.

For more information about the club and other archery programs, contact Coach John at (719) 689-3514.

This ancient sport offers a lot of health benefits. Among them, according to the Archery Trade Association, are:

Focus. “Archers learn to tune out all distractions, focus on their form, and release the bowstring consistently. Concentrating during archery practice can help you focus better in other areas of life too. Competing in tournaments is also good practice for coping with high-pressure situations.”

Fitness. “Besides working your upper body by drawing your bow, you can expect to walk a lot while bowhunting, or when moving between targets when shooting target archery or 3-D archery. If you don’t walk during practice sessions, Prevention magazine says drawing a bow burns about 140 calories per half-hour, the same as walking at a brisk, 3.5-mph pace.”