October is College Application Month — and the Colorado Department of Higher Education has posted an array of online materials to make it easier for students to complete their applications.

Check out these awesome resources that walk students through all of the steps everyone needs to take to prepare for college — starting when they’re in 7th grade. Among them:

1. College Planning Timeline. Follow the steps in the timeline throughout the school year. You can print the timeline page and use it as a checklist or a reminder. All the steps you need to follow for high school planning, college planning and financial aid planning are shown for each grade. Steps for alternate pathways after high school are also included.

2. Find a school that’s right for you. Search for Colorado schools using a robust database that also helps you narrow your results to your preferred student-body size, campus location and the majors offered. You can even compare schools side-by-side to see how they stack up.

3. Explore majors and programs. From architecture to zoology, Colorado schools offer a vast array of choices. Remember: What you study matters when in comes to your paycheck after college — so choose wisely.

Get tips for writing a clear, concise and compelling scholarship-application essay.